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Buttock Blues by Amy Loh

We all know that most ladies seek answers on how they can trim down their butt. Here’s the thing, just like any other parts of the body, the shape and size of it is very dependent on genes. Though we cannot completely change the shape of our body (without surgical intervention), there is no saying that we cannot improve on what’s given to us. However, keep in mind that your genes will still be the ultimate decider on how much you can really change it.

Firstly let’s address the issue of cellulite. What is cellulite? Cellulite is simply, fat. Most women typically have some cellulite but men don’t because women’s adipose tissue is structured differently. When women gain weight (doesn’t have to be much), their fat cells swell while the connective tissue stays the same. That effect causes the dimpling orange peel look. Some women are more prone to having more cellulite than others, again, depending on their genetic makeup.

So how does one get rid of cellulite? Well, since it’s made out of fat, there is no short cut to it. No zap and wrap can replace the good old hard work of diet and exercise. First of all, stop putting in more calories in your body than you can use up. Secondly, work off the unwanted extra fat that’s already in your body’s storage.

Let’s be clear that we cannot ‘spot reduce’ the fat in our body, i.e. never tell your trainer “I want to lose weight from my bum”. Trainers are not magicians. There is no way to specifically target to burn fat off your bum and only your bum. Fat reduction requires a full body workout and a proper diet. With this combination you will begin to experience an overall loss of body fat. With that said, your body will decide where to take the fat from first, be it your bum, thighs, arms or tummy area. If your genetic makeup has decided that your bum is your fat storage area, chances are, that would be the last place to lose fat. Therefore, as mentioned, work towards achieving overall body fat reduction with appropriate eating habits and exercise. On top of that, you got to exercise some patience as well. Results will come with persistent effort.

To burn off unwanted calories, do cardio exercises especially those that involve you having to move your butt like jogging, stair-climbing, hiking and jumping. Incorporate strength training as well to tone up your glute muscles. Exercises like squats and lunges does wonders to strengthen your butt and legs, and eventually tone once you have lost fat in those areas. Lower body muscles are large muscles and therefore are capable to assist you in further fat burning by increasing your metabolic rate as you stimulate the muscles for growth. Make sure that you periodically increase the intensity of your exercises to ensure that your muscles are constantly being challenged in order to continuously see improvement.

Some of you might be thinking, “Won’t weight training make me bigger and bulky?” This is the biggest weight training myth among women. First, you have to be clear that women DO NOT have enough testosterone in their body to allow muscles to grow big and bulky no matter how badly you want it to, unless you take supplements. What weight training does for women is that it gets the muscles shaped and toned with a slight increase in size. If you notice your rear increasing in size as you start taking on your exercise regime, it could be because you aren’t losing body fat as fast as you’re building up muscles. Muscles are underneath the fat layer, if you lose 1mm of fat and increase 1mm of muscles at your butt, the size will remain the same but will be firmer and toner. However, if you increase 1mm of muscles and lose no fat, your butt will be 1mm bigger. But the good news is your butt will be firmer and toner than it was before due to the increase in muscle mass. So the best ideal is to achieve a bigger reduction of fat and a moderate increase of muscle mass.

At the end of the day, there is only so much you can control. Do your best and surrender the rest to your genes. Your primary focus should be making good food choices, live an active lifestyle and burn more than you consume if reduction of fat is what you’re aiming for. Last but not least, it takes time to see changes and results. The rule of thumb, the less you sit on your bum, the better. Your hard work will pay off if you persist.