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GetActive Regeneration Tools for Injury Prevention

The Massage Stick and Foam Roller

These are two tools that you can use as a way to reduce trigger points. Trigger points can be defined as hypersensitive areas of a muscle which is theorized to be either dysfunctional from a contractive and flexibility perspective.

Trigger points inevitable develop whether or not you exercise, creating a need to restore functionality through the use of this modality.

The massage stick and/or foam roller can be used at any point of time (pre, during and/or post-exercise) and especially on recovery days.

Below are illustrations on some of the areas most susceptible to trigger points. However, there are no boundaries to trigger points. Move out of the areas shown if needed to increase effectiveness.

The “no pain, no gain” saying applies to self-massage, just be sure there is no bruising after the treatment. Perform the foam roller/massage stick exercises as shown for a minimum of 1 minute.

GetActive Regeneration Tools can be purchased at GetActive and come with an instructional booklet. Contact us for more details.