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“It Was A HUGE Feat for Me!”

“I was ecstatic in reaching my first, big milestone when my fitness assessment result came back with physical fitness age of 36 vs. biological age of 39 after 1 ½ years of training with Get Active Personal Trainers. I’ve had many bouts of on-and-off back problems compounded with sinus health issues that made me want give up working out altogether.

To celebrate turning 40 years old, I decided to gift myself with the experience of climbing Mt. Kinabalu before turning 41.  I had 12 months to plan and train myself for the 4,095 meter summit, but I didn’t get serious about booking the trip until 3 months before my goal deadline.

As I finalized the trip, I started to have recurrent back problems that have been nagging me for 2 years on and off. This time it was more serious and started to think maybe I am pushing myself too hard and my body is telling me something.

With just 45 days before the actual climb, I took on personal training with One-on-One focus I needed to not only get ready for the climb, but also to continue training while undergoing month-long intensive physical therapies for a neuromuscular condition.

As an Advanced Health and Fitness Specialist, my trainer completely understood which muscles I experienced pain triggers and why.  My customized training increased my cardio fitness to help combat potential altitude sickness and emphasised in strengthening my leg and ankle muscles.

I am thrilled to report that I reached the summit of Low’s Peak just in time to witness the sunrise!  The hike was challenging at times but never over-whelming thanks to the expert training and preparation.  While reaching the top of Low’s Peak is no small feat for me, however, I am more thrilled that I managed to persevere and train to eleviate my back conditions to ready myself so I could experience this journey.

I could not have done it without GetActive because all the trainers were encouraging me every step of the way by taking interest in my progress.  I credit my trainer for being instrumental in helping me realize my goal.  More importantly, I appreciate her expertise and experience of knowing when to push me to the next level and when to let me take my time.  I credit her for helping me the most in managing through my back condition than any doctor, physical therapist, or chiropractor I have visited.

Working with trainers at GetActive has helped me to view my health and fitness as an ongoing lifestyle priority. While I experienced steady improvements in my fitness and energy level, I also underwent a gradual change in my attitude – that I actually enjoyed being active and felt motivated to pursue it.  Without having reached this mindset, it would never occur to me that I would want to climb Mt. Kinabalu, much less relish the experience. And one more thing. . . I did end up fitting back into my pre-pregnancy clothes after all!”

~ Kum Yi, wife, mother, global citizen and wannabe adventurer. Very happy to have scaled up Mt Kinabalu, Sabah despite all the health challenges in her way.


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