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Diabetes Awareness Events Kuala Lumpur in conjunction with World Diabetes Day

In year 2000, according to WHO statistics, we have 942,000 reported cases of diabetes. This puts us at the top in South East Asia region. It is estimated that in 2030 (17 years from now), we will have 2,479,000 cases. This is due to the Malaysian lifestyle, eating habits and the type of food

and drinks that we consume. We need to join our efforts to raise awareness of the dangers of diabetes and ultimately decrease the estimated number of cases.

In conjunction with World Diabetes Day two major activity will fall on November 9 and November 10, 2013. Register for either one or both NOW to participate in this cause. Here are the details:

Cycling The cycling event will be held in Putrajaya to raise awareness to this lifestyle disease. To register for the event and to find out more about the event, click here : http://wddride.tagteam.my/


Running The running event will be held in Dataran Merdeka on November 10, 2013. To find out more and to register, please click here: http://www.diabetes.org.my/article.php?aid=1100

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