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Advanced Health & Fitness Specialist
Personal Training for Special Populations

At GetActive, we believe there are no barriers to fitness.

Therefore, we push ourselves harder and further to ensure that we have the right knowledge to meet your goals and needs. GetActive Personal Trainers are certified with the ACE Advanced Health and Fitness Specialist Certification (AHFS).

The ACE – AHFS Certification allows fitness professionals to work with c lients who require preventative or post-rehabilative exercise programming for diseases and disorders that fall into the key areas of cardiovascular, pulmonary, metabolic and orthopedic.

This includes obesity, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, posture, movement, balance, gait, osteoporosis/osteopenia, arthritis, low back issues and following orthopedic rehabilitation for musculoskeletal injuries.

As ACE-AHFS certified fitness professionals, we have the knowledge and understanding on:

  • Common medications used in the treatment of diseases and dysfunctions, along with side effects.
  • Common diagnostics tests & the skill in designing exercise programs based on the results and / or physician recommended parameters.
  • Exercise progression from the hospital to rehabilitation to mainstream fitness settings.
  • Psychological implications related to disease and disability and an ability to empathize with clients who are struggling with their personal health challenges.
  • Detailed knowledge of appropriate health and fitness goals (e.g: blood glucose level, joint functioning and range of motions, appropriate body composition) and the knowledge and skill to help clients progress towards them.
  • Most importantly, we have the knowledge and skill in developing safe and effective exercise programs as well as to modify programs according to the challenges faced by our clients.