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Corporate Health Programs

As part of our initiative to increase awareness on exercise and its benefits, GetActive offers a comprehensive list of corporate wellness programs.

We run programs that run as short as a day or as long as six months. Depending on the company’s goal outcome, we will propose an appropriate program.

The key objectives of the program are to:

  • 1. Communicate the benefits of leading a healthy lifestyle by incorporating exercise and good nutrition.
  • 2. Illustrate how to keep fit and healthy.
  • 3. Promote better mental stimulation and concentration by improving energy levels.
  • 4. Increase a company’s productivity by having healthy employees who take less medical leave due to ill health.
  • 5. Enhance the perceived value of employee compensation and benefits program within your organization and increase employee loyalty.
  • 6. Establish team building qualities.
  • Overall the programs are designed for companies who want to increase their productivity and performance by improving its employees’ health and fitness.

    GetActive also provides on-going weekly classes. These classes can be held on site where space is available. Providing weekly classes on site is a great way to encourage staff to engage in exercise, and there is no excuse since it’s just at their doorstep!

    One of the Corporate Wellness programs GetActive designed was a three month program at Procter and Gamble. In order to excite the staff to take charge of their health and enroll in the program, PNG offered a prize for the best results. To track the results, participants were weighed and measured at the start of the program and at the end. Over the three months, GetActive conducted a variety of aerobic style classes offered daily after work.

    “Overall the program was very well received by our staff. The organization deemed the fitness sessions and the trainers very capable. In terms of lifestyle change, we saw a jump in the frequency of exercise in pre and post Fitness Challenge. 85% of the participants have exercised at least once a week post Fitness Challenge vs 59% pre Fitness Challenge.”HR manager, Procter and Gamble, Malaysia.