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Get Active For Life (GAFL) Workshop

GetActive For Life Workshop occurs on a monthly basis. Our aim is to reach out to the public and let them know how easy it is to lead a healthy sustainable lifestyle.

Here’s what you will get out of this workshop:

• A complete assessment on your fitness level to help you reach your fitness goals more efficiently.
• A coached bodyweight workout session that will ensure you are exercising in a safe and effective manner.
• Easy to follow guidelines on how to maintain an independent and sustainable active lifestyle.
• A thorough understanding of how to keep your weight in check through 3 simple steps.
• All your fitness questions answered by well trusted certified Personal Trainers of GetActive in a Q&A session.

Seats are limited, guarantee your place.

Call 03-6203 7671 or email wannabefit@getactive.com.my.


Wake Up with GetActive (WUGA)
Let’s WUGA – this is exactly what we want our clients, their friends and family to do – Wake Up with GetActive!

WUGA’s objectives:

  • 1. To get GetActive clients, their friends and family involved in outdoor activities.
  • 2. For GetActive trainers to get to know their clients outside of The Base.
  • 3. For GetActive clients to put their training to real life situations.
  • 4. To learn new skills.
  • 5. Above all, to have FUN!

Some of the WUGA events that have taken place:

SkyTrex Adventure – Is an obstacle course suspended at 3 to 22 meters in the air. Even those afraid of heights were able to overcome their fears and enjoy the challenge. It certainly is no walk in the park, but rather a swing, glide and crawl from tree to tree while enjoying the wonders of the forest.

White-water Rafting – It was non-stop from the word go. First a road trip from KL to Jerum Besu, a warm welcome and breakfast from the facilitators, followed by abseiling, flying fox, wading through a river, white water rafting and a team building exercise. And not forgetting a delicious lunch by the river to nourish us after all that activity.

Indoor Rock Climbing – Some veterans, some newbies and together we scaled the walls at the Putrajaya indoor rock-climbing centre. Rock-climbing is a great activity to build strength and skill, as well as trust.


GetActive Lifestyle Society (GALS)
GetActive Lifestyle Society (GALS) has been developed by GetActive based on the idea of social sharing – whereby we want to “broadcast” our thoughts and activities on a personal level rather than via the web. Information is so readily available at a click of finger, news and ideas spread like wild fire. So let’s take a slightly different approach and meet the people with these ideas and create discussions from there.

GALS is not here to make money but to share knowledge and expand social circles while advocating a fun and healthy lifestyle.

Ideally, GALS will meet once a month at different places engaging in different activities. Keep in mind that certain activities will cater to different groups of people. We will try and engage everyone somewhere along the line in our calendar of events.

If you have any ideas you would like to share, please feel free to message us. We like to listen and connect with our audience.

Just to be clear this isn’t a club just for the ladies though of course “Where the GALS are, the guys want to be!”