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Romanian Dead Lift


Our Training Methodology

Sustainability is the name of the game here at GetActive. Whether your goal is to shed a few pounds, or to excel in the game of life, the key to achieving those goals is to train in a progressive manner.

We believe that continuous progression is key to stay in good shape and health in the long term. Prior to starting any training programs, we will establish your current health and fitness levels i.e. strength, stability, flexibility, postural health, cardiovascular fitness and range of motion. Once we have assessed your current position, the coaches will then design an individualized training program for you to reach your desired goals.

The Get Active methodology revolves around a holistic approach to training. The four main areas that form the core of our training methodology are movement, nutrition, regeneration and energy system development (ESD). None of these function strongly alone. Intertwine all of them to produce a solid system that will empower our clients to lead a fulfilling life, not just to look good, but to feel GREAT!

The key to all success in daily activity is movement. Think of your body as an adaptable and flexible machine. Your machine operates on good and solid support system (your muscles). Train and strengthen your machine to operate efficiently and perform at its optimum levels via strength training. You want to feel comfortable moving about and doing simple functions such as pulling, pushing and lifting. Housework, walking upstairs and picking up something from the floor may all sound simple but in reality, some of us ‘suffer’ in silence. When you move well, you engage more body functions and muscles. Hence, increasing daily activity to stay active. A lot of emphasis is placed on stability and mobility training as our aim is create greater functional movement in everyday life.

What is stability training? Stability training teaches the body to stabilize muscles in order to provide dynamic joint balance and balanced posture during functional exercise. As we stabilize the body, we address muscular weaknesses and imbalances, we achieve better balance and core function, and increase injury prevention.

What is mobility training? Mobility training reduces the potential body imbalances that occur naturally in our sports, recreational and daily activities. To have good mobility or more specifically joint mobility, is to have the ability to move a limb through the full range of motion with control. If a joint is unable to move through its full range of motion, it becomes comprised. This can affect the surrounding joints, creating additional stress the body.

You are what you eat. You, the machine will need refuelling for energy. Knowing what to eat comes from being aware of what to choose and understanding the nutritional values that is being presented. The more you know, the better your selection will be. Good nutrition fuels the mind and body to perform at its optimum levels and it will provide sustenance and energy for your body. Eat to live, and not live to eat.

Think of this as servicing your machine. Every machine needs to be serviced after every training session. Your body risks injuries each time it in use. We focus on active recovery and passive recovery ie. dynamic stretching, trigger point therapy, and myofascial loosening techniques. All are crucial to balance out the intensities and pressures that are executed by the mind and body for the long term. Regenerate your body to sustain and enjoy life!

Energy system development (ESD)
A simple and effective way to train your body based on levels of Heart Rate. Bodies need consistent variable energy development to improve cardiovascular fitness and muscular endurance. This is NOT like any typical ‘cardio program’.