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Group Training

What you can expect from GetActive GT is a workout that combines strength training to define your body, cardio to improve your stamina, core to build stability and great abs!

What is GetActive Group Training?
GetActive Group Training is an indoor circuit style fitness program with internationally certified trainers. At GetActive classes are conducted in small groups, allowing us to monitor your progress every step of the way. This will ensure that you achieve your goals in a fun and highly motivating environment. GetActive GT is both effective and affordable.

What Makes GetActive Group Training Different From Other Forms of Group Training?
1) Groups are kept small enabling the Trainer to pay individual attention to participants.

2) The workouts are programmed on a monthly basis, allowing for proper progressions.

3) All classes are conducted by internationally certified trainers, who will make sure you are working at the right pace and the correct techniques.

4) GetActive’s Group Training is about getting results in a safe and effective manner

5) And most importantly we stick to our Methodology – ‘Sustainability is the name of the game here at GetActive. Whether your goal is to shed a few pounds, or to excel in the game of life, the key to achieving those goals is to train in a progressive manner’.

Who is GetActive Group Training For?
There are no boundaries to exercise which means GetActive GT is for everyone. Whatever your goal, we aim to achieve. So whether you want to lose weight, get healthier, have a regular workout regime, have fun enjoy working out in a group, or want to train with a Trainer, GetActive GT just may be the solution for you.
Bring a friend get a RM50.00 voucher which you can use when you sign up!