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GetActive’s NutriCamp

Eat Right and Weigh Less!

The TRUTH is…

There is NO quick fix to weight loss.

There is NO magic diet that will shed the pounds.

There are NO fat blasting exercise techniques.

People are always seeking the quickest solution to weight loss. No doubt there are some quick fixes, but how long does the weight stay off, and what health gains are achieved?

Losing weight is a slow and steady process. During this process the most important change is adopting a healthier lifestyle and a positive relationship with food and exercise. This is what NutriCamp
aims to do.

Meetings are held fortnightly and facilitated by GetActive’s Consultant Dietitian, Indra Balaratnam and Consultant Nutritionist, Alexandra Prabaharan. Not only will you have expert guidance, but support from your fellow NutriCampers.

What you can expect at NutriCamp:
A weigh-in at every session, keeping you accountable for your journey to a healthier weight.
An open forum where you can share your tribulations as well as your triumphs.
Weekly discussions focusing on topics such as nutrition labels, portion control, the psychology behind eating behavior, cooking techniques, recipe ideas, know your vitamins and minerals.
Organised activities such as cooking classes, trips to the market, eating out.

NutriCamp sessions are held every fortnightly.
Take that next step to losing weight in a sustainable way.