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Past Events
Official Launch of GetActive Sports Performance

Solaris Mont Kiara, Kuala Lumpur – Sports coaches, sports enthusiasts, athletes and those who were eager to hear more, gathered at GetActive on Saturday 11th December, 2010 for the official launch of GetActive Sports Performance (GASP). Guests were taken through a 90-minute information session on what exactly is sports performance and what GetActive has to offer in this arena.

GetActive started three years ago by Ms Chloe Lai, Founder and Managing Director. Her vision was to reach out to as many people as possible to have a better quality of life by adhering to a sustainable active lifestyle. To date she has a team of ten internationally certified trainers who share this same vision. GetActive Trainers have the expertise to train clients of all ages with different needs and goals such as weight loss, strength training and conditioning, skill and performance enhancement for sports, and rehabilitation from an injury and other conditions.

Sports performance training is a term not many people in Malaysia have heard, unless they are an athlete, or that it is training specifically for athletes. As stated by Ms Lai, “I found that there is a need for this type of training, but either people are unaware about it or do not have access to it. This was the main reason for GetActive’s expansion in to sports performance. Here we provide a well-equipped facility for both the weekend warriors and athletes where they can train under the guidance of a Sports Performance Coach.”

Speaking to Joel McGuire, GetActive’s head Sports Performance Coach, he said, “The main benefits to athletes who engage in a sports performance program are career longevity, a reduced risk of injury, sustainable performance increments and training integration which includes regeneration, nutrition and energy system development along with the strength component of training. While sports specific skills and know how are essential for athletes to remain competitive, the conditioning provided by the GASP methodology will provide them with the extra edge needed to stay ahead of the competition.”

Peh Gin Hai, who was present at the launch, is Founder and CEO of Advanced Aquatics and a former Malaysian National Swim Coach, added “Strength and conditioning is fundamental for high performance sports. However, in Malaysia most coaches do it themselves even though we are not really experts in this field, but there are no alternatives. The GetActive Sports Performance team takes a load off our shoulders, they are the professionals in this field.”

GASP programs can be done on a 1-to-1 basis (1 client, 1 trainer), all the way up to a team setting, whereby a group of trainers will facilitate the training session. Sessions can be conducted at The Base as well as off-site.

For those ready to take their performance to the next level, GASP is certainly the program to enroll in. For more information about GASP, contact Chloe Lai or Joel McGuire at 603 6203 7671.