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Rehab Trainer

We are bridging the gap between physiotherapists and
personal trainers

We now know more about how a body moves more than ever before.

Our rehab trainers are able to:

  1. Conduct assessments and introduce the next action plan for clients with injuries. Our trainers are aware of the boundaries between PT & Physiotherapists, giving clarity to the different professional roles in the different stages of injury.
  2. Screen clients using postural and bio-mechanical assessments allows each client to have unique programs implemented for them that addresses their specific muscular skeletal needs.
  3. Treat injuries and pain safely and effectively by using practical skills and knowledge about the movement the body.

When you train with us, we will help you reduce your pain. We have a whole toolbox of ways to recognize, understand, and deal with pain or instability in a client’s body, and get results!

Have a niggling injury and unsure how to fix it? Do you have a niggling pain in any of these areas lower back, neck, shoulder, elbow and knees? Speak to one of our trainers now.



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