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Sports Performance

GetActive Sports Performance, paving the way
to improving athletic performance.

As the name suggests, GASP is all about improving sporting performance whether you are a weekend warrior or a full time athlete. Our focus is on the fundamentals which are essential for performance. Thus a lot of emphasis is placed on training the core, which is made up of the shoulder, torso and hips. This is the hub of every movement imaginable.

Every athlete who walks through our doors will go through 5 strength training phases along with movement training which focuses primarily on the biomechanics of movement. Above that, athletes are also placed under an energy system development program to increase functional capacity.

Regeneration and nutrition are two other huge focuses of GASP. This is essential to continuously maintain training intensity and volume to meet the high demands of your sport. With the integration of movement, strength, conditioning, regeneration and nutrition, GASP’s approach to training is nothing but holistic. Risk of injury will be drastically reduced while your longevity as an athlete will increase.

GetActive Sports Performance has a network of international resources, including performance coaches
and athletic trainers. Additionally, GASP’s coaches are constantly on their feet, keeping updated with latest findings on performance training coming from various certification backgrounds.
Athletes will not only experience a transformation, but also learn valuable lessons in performance training.

At GetActive we create results with you.