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Kum Yi
“Thanks for being my partner in my journey to getting and staying active! You have been a constant motivator and coach in helping me to stay focused and achieve my fitness goals. Not only have you been my fitness coach, but also that of personal health coach in helping me seek out the help I needed when I suffered lower back problems. You are great in responding to my needs and always willing to adapt to my limitations while always and gently prodding me to challenge myself to go further. I am happy with my fitness level, but more importantly the increase in energy level that I have. I feel like I have an extra “bounce” to my steps!”

I had a three month hiatus in working out due to chaotic schedule from moving from Singapore to KL. Prior to this break, I did start strength training with a personal trainer in Singapore for six months, twice a week to help me lose remaining pregnancy weight. During the three month break, though, my overall physical fitness returned to poor level. Prior to hiring a personal trainer, I hardly exercised so my cardio and muscle strength was weak.

Before starting my training sessions at GetActive, I completed my physical assessment to establish a baseline of overall fitness level, which helped to determine my physical fitness age. To my disappointment, my physical fitness age was 50 while my biological age was 37! As much as I wish this was not the case, I wasn’t too shocked at the outcome as I always suspected that my everyday energy level at times felt like I was biologically 50 years old. I was out of shape for someone my age even though my weight was within normal range for my height. I have been working with my trainer at GetActive for 20 months now, and my last physical assessment determined that my fitness age is now 36 vs. biological age of 39! I am delighted with the result, but moreover, my energy level is where I should be and feel more balanced with my emotional and mental wellbeing.

The biggest influence that my trainer had on my lifestyle is motivating me to incorporate more fitness activities into my everyday living. Aside from our training sessions at GetActive twice a week, she has encouraged me to add other fitness activities throughout the week as part of my routine lifestyle and to enjoy them. Initially I balked at the thought thinking how I could possibly find more time and it took me a while to embrace the idea. However, with gentle encouragement and numerous discussions on small ways how I could add other physical activities, my trainer has been instrumental in instilling in me a positive and easy-going approach to staying fit.

Working with my trainer has helped me to view my health and fitness as an ongoing lifestyle priority, which is a big shift from my prior mindset. When I started working out with my trainer I had this notion of just putting in my minimum twice weekly training and I would achieve these great results – look toned like a movie star and have boundless energy to chase after my toddler son. I expected rapid and great results even though I had, in hindsight, a bare minimum attitude toward fitness because it felt like a chore at times. However, just as I experienced steady improvements in my fitness and energy level, I also experienced a gradual change in my attitude – that I actually enjoyed being active and motivated to make it a lifestyle choice.

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