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Carine Eunson
“Having a personal trainer has made such a huge difference in my life, I feel great, I look better, I am healthier and so is my family. So a very big thank you to GetActive and I look forward to continuing my training with you.”
In the past I had been quite active. Going back as far as 2003 I did 2 marathons, then half’s, then 10k’s, then 5k – the distance getting shorter over the years. I had also taken up competitive rowing (novice level) for a couple of years. In 2009 I fell pregnant and went from exercising about 3 times a week to only very occasionally and worse still I took my pregnancy as carte blanch to eat – and eat. You have heard the saying I’m eating for 2… well I think that I was eating for 3…. or 4! After the birth of my son we moved to KL, I was too busy to exercise and kept up my bad eating habits so I guess it would be fair to say that prior to training with GetActive, I was overweight, unfit, and unhappy about it.

Since I started training with GetActive, the most obvious change is my weight and my size, so far I have lost 16kgs, dropped 3 dress sizes (in 5 months) and I’m not done yet! Of course in the past I have been at a weight that I had been happy with and I had considered myself to be quite fit, however I don’t think that I have felt so well balanced before. When I was doing marathons I was great at endurance and could happily run slowly for hours but probably could not have done a single press up and I definitely neglected stretching which had left me with flexibility issues. Now I have more energy and I feel strong all over. I’m also starting to surprise myself with my flexibility, little things – like tying my shoe laces are much easier now. My lifestyle is changing too, before I would NEVER have given up – firstly my wine on a Saturday night and secondly my only lie in of the week to go out jogging on a Sunday morning, whereas now this is a fairly regular occurrence. My attitude to diet is also improving albeit more slowly. I try to stop eating once I feel full, I tend to order much healthier options when we eat out, and I cook a lot more instead of getting take-aways. I still eat way too much cake but hey, you gotta live!

My trainer seems to have balanced the perfect level of intensity to suit my personality and to train me effectively. She will always push me but not too hard, I have never come away from a work out feeling disheartened. She takes time to explain more difficult things and is patient with me if I don’t get it right away. My training is always interesting with the workouts changing regularly. My trainer is a source of inspiration with her own fitness training and goals.

My trainer is always encouraging me to make new fitness goals, since starting with GetActive I have run two 10k’s and am considering doing a half marathon next year. As my Sunday morning running buddy she is responsible for the aforementioned lack of Saturday night wine and Sunday morning lie-ins. I am also a lot more aware of what I am doing when I work out on my own and try to have a better balance of cardio, strength and stretching.

When I started training at GetActive I was able to take my son with me to the sessions, for me this was what made me able to start training in the first place. Now my son is a bit older and my attitude toward my training has changed – it is something I must continue with, so I hire a babysitter so that I don’t miss any of my training sessions. I have recommended GetActive to friends and my husband has now signed up too, making the whole family fitter!

*Individual results may vary


Steve Tay
“I think you are a very good and caring trainer. I know you have spent a lot of time and effort in making my work out fun and I sincerely appreciate it.”
Exercise has never been part of my daily routine. I would exercise here and there but due to the inconsistency I didn’t get any benefits. In November 2009 a friend introduced me to GetActive. I was transformed from an irregular exerciser to training 2-3 times a week with my personal trainer. I felt lucky to have a very good trainer who spent time understanding my lifestyle and designed my workouts to keep me challenged and excited.

Since starting at GetActive, I feel healthier and my fitness has improved immensely. I can now enjoy activities such as rafting and dancing without feeling dizzy, but instead have lots more energy and strength.

Apart from taking me through the workouts, my trainer has given me a lot of advice and guidance in helping me to gain a healthy life. I now know that even the smallest changes can make a big difference. Previously I use to load up on food sauces such as thousand island, mayonnaise, chilli, not thinking of all the hidden calories. Today I use sauces as an accompaniment to the dish.

GetActive trainers are very professional, which is hard to find. Training at GetActive you don’t feel that you HAVE to go, but you WANT to go.

* Individual results may vary


Kevin McWilliam
“Thanks for all the hard work and patience!”
I have been a keen cyclist for many years and felt that I had a reasonable base level of fitness. However I really wanted to improve my strength, and reduce my weight to become competitive in road racing and duathlon events. My strategy to achieve my goal prior to starting with GetActive was to ride more, however I was starting to get frustrated at the lack of progress I was making.

Since I started my training program I have really started to see and feel the changes that the structured approach brings. During my training sessions the progress is really evident to see, and of course I am now feeling the benefits of performance improvement on the bike. I recently completed a 100 mile road cycling event, and really felt strong throughout and finished with a time that I was really happy with.

The improvements that have come from being on the program have really motivated me to control my diet, and also to increase the frequency and intensity of my cardio sessions. The result of the above is that my weight is coming down effectively, and I feel far fitter, more energized and definitely more motivated than I have ever done.

Prior to starting with GetActive I was really quite skeptical on how much benefit a trainer would bring. However since starting on the Sports Performance program, I have been really impressed by the level of expertise and professionalism that my trainer has shown. During our sessions he is constantly focused on me, making small changes to my position and posture to ensure I get the optimum benefit from every exercise. It’s this level of focus that has helped me gain significant improvement to my health and fitness.

With a busy family life and career, it’s was really important for me to get the absolute best out of every training session. The beauty of the personal trainer is that they apply their expertise to tailor your program and help you work toward your goals, whatever they may be.

* Individual results may vary


“I was not optimistic, but it turns out, I had a really good time exercising.”
It was with faint heart, shaky legs and ample derriere that I first attended Babes On the Run with my 6 month old daughter. I went for basically one reason – I was awake. I should explain that I am neither a joiner nor an exercise enthusiast but times had become desperate as I was still opting for maternity clothes in the morning and my ‘I just had a baby’ excuse was wearing a bit thin.

Before my pregnancy, I rejected gyms and classes as I have neither enough coordination to do aerobics effectively, nor humility to soldier on. (A step class I once attended involved a backward-double-scissor move, an unplanned but thorough inspection of someone’s backside and a bendy instructor named Bob who didn’t miss a beat as he backward-double-scissor moved over to pick me up.) I was however able to maintain some sort of a weight maintenance with jogging. Don’t get me wrong, I never enjoyed the jogging, but I did really enjoy the stopping. During my pregnancy however I stopped jogging and I let my weight balloon to numbers that I didn’t even know existed on the scale.

So here I was, in the Lake Gardens, meeting an impossibly friendly instructor named Marissa and about 4 other woman who, it has to be said, didn’t eat as many pancakes as I did during their pregnancy. I was a bit intimidated. Marissa explained that we would walk at a steady pace around the park and stop at various locations to either do a cardio move to a strengthening move. I was now a bit intimidated AND a bit nervous. I started to have flashbacks to Backward-Double-Scissor-Bob and was contemplating escape, but was penned in by a rainbow of Maxi Cosi prams.

As you can tell, I was not optimistic, but it turns out, I had a really good time exercising. WHO KNEW! It was a great work out (as proven by sore muscles for the next two days) but since we were all together, distracted both by children and our own chatter, the time flew by and the heat was bearable. Marissa offered both instruction and encouragement and was completely flexible working with people of different strengths….and abilities.

The children ranged in age from about 6 months to 18 months and during the hour some dozed, some hollered and some got out and had a play at various locations. The beauty of it all of course was that Marissa didn’t miss a beat if a Mum stopped to breast feed, chase a toddler, or, in my case, gives their baby some attention at strategic times…like during crunches. You get to do the exercise at whatever pace is good for you and Jr.

That was a year ago. I have found that, as we have trained with Marissa, she has been able to work to our abilities and changes the workouts as we have become stronger. She also can modify exercises for Mums who are pregnant. She has been flexible when we call and to say we can’t make it, and understanding with our packages when we go off on holidays.

So if you are a Mum and your perky breasts could do with a bit more perk, if you have a shelf in the rear that someone might accidentally put their drink on, or if you would rather the word thunder be applied only to meteorological activities, then Babes on the Run might be for you.

* Individual results may vary