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That is exactly what we want our clients, their friends and family to do – Wake Up with GetActive (WUGA)!

WUGA’s objectives:

  • 1. To get GetActive clients, their friends and family involved in outdoor activities.
  • 2. For GetActive trainers to get to know their clients outside of The Base.
  • 3. For GetActive clients to put their training to real life situations.
  • 4. To learn new skills.
  • 5. Above all, to have FUN!


SkyTrex adventure is an obstacle course suspended at 3 to 22 meters in the air. Even those afraid of heights were able to overcome their fears and enjoy the challenge. It certainly is no walk in the park, but rather a swing, glide and crawl from tree to tree while enjoying the wonders of the forest.

Jerum Besu

It was non-stop from the word go. First a road trip from KL to Jerum Besu, a warm welcome and breakfast from the facilitators, followed by abseiling, flying fox, wading through a river, white water rafting and a team building exercise. And not forgetting a delicious lunch by the river to nourish us after all that activity.

Rock Climbing

Some veterans, some newbies and together we scaled the walls at the Putrajaya indoor rock-climbing centre. Rock-climbing is a great activity to build strength and skill, as well as trust.