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Fitness Programs

Personal Training
Rehab Training
Sports Performance
Corporate Health Programs
Medical Exercise Specialist Training
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For as low as RM126 per session, you can be trained and guided by a certified indivisualized trainer with more than 10 years experience.

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GetActive is a fitness training and coaching company that prides itself with a team of highly experienced professionals with International certifications and over 10 years of experience; training a wide variety of clients ranging from ages 6 to 90 with different needs 

Our Personalized Programs

First we’ll take you through a fitness assessment to establish your current fitness level,
a set of questionnaire which will give us a comprehensive understanding of your current health condition and your fitness goals.

Corporate Health Programmes

As part of our initiative to increase awareness on exercise and its benefits, Get Active offers a comprehensive list of corporate wellness programs.

Sports Performance

Sports Performance is all about improving your performance in your sport, whether you are a weekend warrior or a full time athlete. Our focus is on the fundamentals which are essential for performance.

Rehab training

We are bridging the gap between physiotherapists and personal trainers
We now know more about how a body moves more than ever before.

Training with Medical Condition

As an ACE Certified Medical Exercise Specialist (CMES), we hold expertise in creating programs for pre and post-natal clients, and preventive programs for post-rehabilitative clients recovering from cardiovascular, pulmonary, metabolic and musculoskeletal conditions.

Partner/ Small Group Training

Want to have private training with a certified trainer but don’t want to him or her have too much attention on just you or want to exercise with your friend/s, this is the solution!

Personal Training

Get Active offers 1-to-1 training for people who want to start a fitness regime or achieve and maintain a fine weight and lean muscle mass with fit mobility in the joints and healthy posture.

Benefits of Having a Personal Trainer.

Working out can be terrify. It’s best to have goals and can be unsure how to reach them.  It’s completely normal to lack motivation at the times. A private trainer can assist you get the better of your obstacles and take you to new extent on your athleticism journey. While personal trainers may seem overawe and expensive at first glimpse, in real life that’s not the case. There are instructor to suit all personalities character, fitness types, and budgets, and the benefits are overwhelming.


“In June 2008, I weighed 82 kg on a 5’ 9” frame. Not exactly what you’d call fit and trim. I was introduced to Get Active. Get Active got my commitment, my investment and my time. And what I got was THEIR commitment, their expertise and their time. I was given a three-day-a-week personalized fitness program to fit my own working schedule; a trainer who supported and encouraged me all the way; and a diet plan to keep fit and healthy. “

“Being a busy businessman I neglected my health and have now been living with diabetes for many years. Having diabetes means being on medication and in my case a countless amount. However, things have begun to change and I have become less dependent on medication primarily due to my personal trainer. I feel confident and safe with my trainer !

James , Chartered Accountant

My trainer has been instrumental in getting me back to my favourite activity – running, within a month! I had suffered for a year from recurring back injury and thought my running days were behind me. Every PT session is focused and highly effective, helping gain back strength, flexibility and an active lifestyle!
Kim, Corporate Executive

I was once immobile till I found Get Active! Training with my coach taught me not only to try different ways to get active n get moving but I’ve gained confidence in every stride slow but steady!

Mei, Business Professional.


Does exercise help arthritis?

Although there is no cure for arthritis, proper guided exercise, physical activities and weight management strategies have been shown as effective treatment to slow down the progression of joint damage and reduce the need for joint replacement surgery. People with most forms of arthritis can benefit greatly from regular exercise. Strong muscles help to stabilise affected joints and reduce the impact forces through these and adjacent joints. Therefore a well designed exercise program may help to slow down the progression of joint damage.

Am I too old to start exercising?

Many older individuals have not formally exercised in many years and may feel embarrassed or anxious about starting an exercise program especially if there are much younger participants in the environment. We as fitness professionals will make sure you start slowly and monitor your response to exercise. We will also give you as much information as possible about what you may feel post exercise.

Will exercise make my joint pain worse?

Many older adults do not exercise for the fear of pain, joint injury and worsening any existing medical condition. This can lead to the cycle of reduced activity leading to joint stiffness and muscle weakness, change in biomechanics (walking, sitting, any forms of movement) and increased pain. Together these contribute to decreased function and ability to perform daily activities, poor sleep quality and fatigue, reduced coping skills and stress. Regular exercise and physical activity guided by experienced and qualified fitness specialists like us can help to break this cycle and contribute to less pain and a more active lifestyle.

I can't even move properly, how can I exercise to lose weight?

A regular exercise program supervised by a fitness specialist will ensure you keep to your regime. Our professionals will educate you on your food intake as well as home exercise to accompany with the sessions you have with your trainer. Maintaining a healthy body weight can reduce the impact and other joint stresses on the weight bearing joints.