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CHLOE LAI is known for her passion and commitment toward health and fitness. Her personal mission is to create a real difference in as many lives possible through education of how to lead a sustainable active lifestyle, maintain a balanced and sensible diet and engage a positive mindset. Chloe is the Owner, Founder and Trainer of Get Active Sdn Bhd. She lives the vision and drives the mission of Get Active.

Chloe began a life-changing transformation; starting out as an ‘average’ gym member and progressing to being a group exercise instructor, rock climber, adventure racer, Ironman Distance Triathlete and Ultra Trail Marathon Runner.

Based on her own experiences and over 12 years of experience in this industry working with a myriad of clients ranging from 7 years old to 89 years old, Chloe understands the discipline, sweat and hard work required to put all that thinking (and wishing) into action that produces real visible results. She takes your progress seriously.
Equipped with skills in both indoor and outdoor physical activities, Chloe has been able to introduce sustainable positive changes in her client’s fitness and overall well-being.

Chloe is a Certified Medical Exercise Specialist. She has the knowledge to train clients who are at risk for or recovering from cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes and a variety of orthopedic issues. She is also an accredited rehab trainer that enables her to train clients with shoulder, hips, knees and ankle injuries.

• Masters in Business Administration (MBA), Hawaii Pacific University
• American Council on Exercise (ACE) Certified Personal Trainer
• ACE Certified Medical Exercise Specialist
• Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (NSCA)
• Accredited Master Rehab TrainerSCW
• Fitness Certification for Active Aging Training
• ACE Orthopaedic Exercise Specialist
• 2014 Ironman Finisher
• 2015 TMBT Ultra Trail 100km (incomplete at 65km)


DENNIS is an American Council of Exercise Certified Personal Trainer specializing in lower back injuries, older adults and other special population. He is also an Accredited Rehab Trainer who is able to train people with musculoskeletal problems like shoulder, knee and hip injuries.
Dennis has 12 years of experience as a personal trainer, training people of all ages, and health challenges.

Dennis’ passion for health started since he was at a young age of 15. He pursued his career at Club Med Cherating teaching people windsurfing and other sea sports.

Dennis henceforth dedicated his life to teach and coach personal trainers to help individuals live a fit and healthy life. He manages the team at GetActive and ensures quality training is provided, and that trainers continue to achieve great results among clients.

ACE Certified Personal Trainer
Accredited Master Rehab Trainer


JUAN has been active in sports since schooldays. He has tried every sport that was ever offered and did his best to represent his school. Being athletic from a young age, he has represented his primary school in swimming. Soon after, he found his challenge and passion in water polo as the team spirit was robust and dynamic. His success as a water polo player led to being selected to represent Perak and in International Junior meets.

Juan started being involved with fitness training right after secondary school. His keenness and interest in strength and conditioning continued throughout his higher education years as he realized the importance of having a strong, healthy and fit lifestyle. A successful active life – full of sports and training with others – led him to pursue a career in fitness, and the rest is history. His goal is to convey the message of the importance of a healthy lifestyle and a fit body – in your daily activities or sports specific.

ACE Certified Personal Trainer
CrossFit Level 1 Certified
Accredited Rehab Trainer


JOSHUA CHIN has been practicing in the health and fitness scene since 2011.He is a certified fitness practitioner under the American Council of Exercise (ACE) certification program, and devotes his time and effort to seeing his clients grow and progress, moving towards a healthier lifestyle.

He brings with him experience in body weight movements, weight and strength training, and rock climbing to provide holistic and functional aspects of healthy movement. 

Josh started from his home practice and his local park’s bars before signing up at the gym. He then discovered a love for rock climbing and spent all his free time honing his climbing skills, before becoming an instructor and then coach, teaching people the art of climbing. Finally, he decided to become a fitness professional, as his passion for fitness expands and he explores new depths of a functional mind-body connection. 

 Josh now spends his time training and studying to continue to coach individuals who yearn to achieve a more disciplined and healthy lifestyle. He takes your goals as seriously as you do. He finds satisfaction in seeing you achieve your fitness goals, be it lifting more, cutting down on weight, or just finding it easier to get yourself out of bed.

“Road to Success
We believe everyone
deserve the very best.”

The safe and effective training programs we use are the latest training methodologies, which are personalized to our clients, guaranteeing the results they want. Being result oriented, GetActive maintains and upkeeps physical and health records of each and every client. Our personal trainers are trained to present undivided focus and attention on our clients them to raise the bar and reach their goals.

Our personal trainers continuously keep up-to-date with the latest techniques and developments in our industry. We also strive to keep our clients programs fun, challenging and motivational, encouraging them to raise the bar and reach their goals.

Make a Change

Real trainer. Real Results

As fitness professionals we take pride in interacting and communicating with other healthcare and medical professionals in order to provide our clients with wholesome solutions. All our trainers and wellness partners diligently maintain our certification by continually growing our wealth of knowledge and education.

Effective. Professional. Personalized

Our Mission

The GetActive team is a team of committed, responsible, sincere, passionate, creative and fun people who believe greatly and acts upon the fact that having an active lifestyle will give us a better quality of life. We will work according to our 10 Points of Culture to make sure that everyone we touch will benefit greatly from our knowledge, congruency and positive energy. We empower people to live a better quality of life through adhering to a healthy and active lifestyle. We do not perform miracles, but we guarantee results.

Positive Results Ensured



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