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Louise M.

Louise M. and Dave R. Before

I think it was Aristotle, or was it Pheidippides that said Fitness is a journey, not a destination and if you begin your journey at GetActive you will enjoy an amazing reconnection with your body, unlike Pheidippides, who after running 26 miles to Marathon, promptly collapsed and died.

Whether you are like I used to be, someone who paid scant attention to their expanding girth, wheezed at the tops of stairs and suffered general poor health and low energy or you’re a fitness freak who spends all their days in active wear, sipping skinny latte’s and doing charity marathons at the weekend, Chloe and her team can improve you! And make it fun.

All of the GetActive team have a fundamental understanding of YOU, as an individual and put YOUR needs first. I have never been as fit as I am today, nor enjoyed the journey towards improved fitness so much as I am doing at the moment and I put that all down to the relaxed professionalism, detailed knowledge and confidence inspired by Chloe and her team.

They will design and evolve programmes around you. Their gentle encouragement inspires greater effort. No session is ever the same and they are not Sergeant Majors screaming at you to give them more! If you think you’re too old, too fat, too injured or too busy to do this then think again – Give yourself a break and give GetActive a chance.

Dave R.

Louise M. and Dave R. After

A few months ago, I had an epiphany style realisation: I could not sustain my current lifestyle and feel happy about the state of my physical and mental health. Since moving from the UK to Malaysia a couple of years earlier, I had significantly increased the frequency with which I ate out whilst seriously decreasing the amount of exercise I did. This, of course, had led to a dramatic weight gain and reduced energy levels.

My weight had fluctuated before and I had usually been successful in getting it back under control. I thought I knew enough about dieting and exercise to sort myself out. However, the strategies that had worked so well in my thirties no longer seemed to have the same effect and I found myself in a depressing rut that saw me replace the figure hugging clothes in my wardrobe with looser garments more suitable for the spare tyres around my waistline.

In addition to feeling lethargic and overweight, the back issues that I had suffered from having a slipped disc were flaring up more frequently. This made me nervous about exercising as any wrong movement could see me in a back brace for weeks.

It was time to seek help! Luckily, I was recommended Get Active by a friend who had explained that its Personal Trainers were all highly qualified and experienced and would be able to identify my needs and design a programme to address them.

The first meeting with my trainer instilled confidence that I was in the right hands. She was a great listener and understood my goals and concerns. Every session that we have had since has been challenging and very rewarding. Over the first few weeks, I felt my strength and stamina build.

Each session was so well-structured and varied that I found myself looking forward to them – a new experience for me! I was steadily becoming fitter and stronger, losing some of the flab whilst gaining muscle definition so I felt it was time to step my efforts up a notch and combined the exercise with Michael Moseley’s 8 week Blood Sugar Diet. At this point the weight just started to melt away. I lost 10.5 kg over two months along with 10 cm off both my waist and hips which not only meant that my old wardrobe could make a reappearance but also that I was feeling so much happier and more confident.

So enthusiastic was I about what the progamme was doing for me that my partner was keen to join in. We signed up for a couple’s package and found that training together was even more motivating and a lot of fun.

Our trainer has been so supportive and encouraging throughout our journey, believing in our ability every step of the way and sneakily making the sessions more and more demanding as she knew what we were capable of doing even when we didn’t.

Our journey to fitness led us to signing up with a group of friends to climb Mount Kinabalu. Since telling our trainer that this was in the pipeline, she focused on building our strength and endurance to prepare us both.  Although we might have managed to summit this time last year, I doubt very much that we would have completed the climb within the same time without either significant injuries and/or an extensive recovery period.

We both feel like we are in the best shape we have been in for years. Not only have we lost a lot of weight, changed our body shapes and become a lot fitter and energetic but we have a new, shared enjoyment of exercise and are fully committed to maintaining the new and improved versions of ourselves.

There is no way that either of us could have done this without the support of our trainer at Get Active and both highly recommend this wonderful gym to anyone seeking to improve their health and fitness.

At GetActive, your health is what matters

Our personal trainers continuously keep up-to-date with the latest techniques and developments in our industry. We also strive to keep our clients programs fun, challenging and motivational, encouraging them to raise the bar and reach their goals.

carine eunson

Carine Eunson before

Having a personal trainer has made such a huge difference in my life, I feel great, I look better, I am healthier and so is my family. So a very big thank you to GetActive and I look forward to continuing my training with you.In the past I had been quite active. Going back as far as 2003 I did 2 marathons, then half’s, then 10k’s, then 5k – the distance getting shorter over the years. I had also taken up competitive rowing (novice level) for a couple of years. In 2009 I fell pregnant and went from exercising about 3 times a week to only very occasionally and worse still I took my pregnancy as carte blanch to eat – and eat. You have heard the saying I’m eating for 2… well I think that I was eating for 3…. or 4! After the birth of my son we moved to KL, I was too busy to exercise and kept up my bad eating habits so I guess it would be fair to say that prior to training with GetActive, I was overweight, unfit, and unhappy about it.

Since I Started Training With

The most obvious change is my weight and my size, so far I have lost 16kgs, dropped 3 dress sizes (in 5 months) and I’m not done yet! Of course in the past I have been at a weight that I had been happy with and I had considered myself to be quite fit, however I don’t think that I have felt so well balanced before. When I was doing marathons I was great at endurance and could happily run slowly for hours but probably could not have done a single press up and I definitely neglected stretching which had left me with flexibility issues. Now I have more energy and I feel strong all over. I’m also starting to surprise myself with my flexibility, little things – like tying my shoe laces are much easier now. My lifestyle is changing too, before I would NEVER have given up – firstly my wine on a Saturday night and secondly my only lie in of the week to go out jogging on a Sunday morning, whereas now this is a fairly regular occurrence. My attitude to diet is also improving albeit more slowly. I try to stop eating once I feel full, I tend to order much healthier options when we eat out, and I cook a lot more instead of getting take-aways. I still eat way too much cake but hey, you gotta live!

My trainer seems to have balanced the perfect level of intensity to suit my personality and to train me effectively. She will always push me but not too hard, I have never come away from a work out feeling disheartened. She takes time to explain more difficult things and is patient with me if I don’t get it right away. My training is always interesting with the workouts changing regularly. My trainer is a source of inspiration with her own fitness training and goals.My trainer is always encouraging me to make new fitness goals, since starting with GetActive I have run two 10k’s and am considering doing a half marathon next year. As my Sunday morning running buddy she is responsible for the aforementioned lack of Saturday night wine and Sunday morning lie-ins. I am also a lot more aware of what I am doing when I work out on my own and try to have a better balance of cardio, strength and stretching, When I started training at GetActive I was able to take my son with me to the sessions, for me this was what made me able to start training in the first place. Now my son is a bit older and my attitude toward my training has changed – it is something I must continue with, so I hire a babysitter so that I don’t miss any of my training sessions. I have recommended GetActive to friends and my husband has now signed up too, making the whole family fitter!

We’re not only your trainers, we are also your partners.

Our personal trainers continuously keep up-to-date with the latest techniques and developments in our industry. We also strive to keep our clients programs fun, challenging and motivational, encouraging them to raise the bar and reach their goals.

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