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GetActive clients achieve and maintain a healthy after through our program. Here are some of the feedback and thought from their perspective.

“In June 2008, I weighed 82 kg on a 5’ 9” frame. Not exactly what you’d call fit and trim. I was introduced to Get Active. Get Active got my commitment, my investment and my time. And what I got was THEIR commitment, their expertise and their time. I was given a three-day-a-week personalized fitness program to fit my own working schedule; a trainer who supported and encouraged me all the way; and a diet plan to keep fit and healthy. By December 2008, I weighed 66 kg. That’s 16 kg in 6 months. My confidence level went right through the roof. I feel great and that’s immeasurable. I did it! Get fit. Get moving. Get Active.”


“Being a busy businessman I neglected my health and have now been living with diabetes for many years. Having diabetes means being on medication and in my case a countless amount. However, things have begun to change and I have become less dependent on medication primarily due to my personal trainer. I feel confident and safe with my trainer who is knowledgeable on training clients with diabetes. Of course diet is an important component of which the personal training studio offers an in-house dietitian. Get Active has added years to my life!”

James , Chartered Accountant

GetActive was a perfect solution for me. Being a private personal training studio there is no waiting or wasting time and most importantly for a sleep-deprived mother, there is no need to think – the trainer does it for you. The big bonus was to be able to exercise with my daughter. If she needs to nurse, we take a break. If she wants to sleep, she can. If she wants to play, we incorporate her in the training program. I now feel strong and healthy and ready to do the sports I really love. Above all I feel great and my baby loves it too. What more to ask?

Nicole, Mother

“I have always been a member of a gym but due to my frequent travels, I do not always get to train and achieve my workout goals. This changed when I started training at Get Active. The trainer trains me harder, more efficiently and more effectively than any other gym that I have ever used. They are also highly flexible and adapt to my last minute timetable changes. I recommend them strongly to anyone who needs to feels better by being fitter.”
Nick, Consultant

As a working mother with 3 young kids, quality gym time is not easy to get. I am so grateful that Get Active has been able to tailor effective programmes to suit my schedule and targets. In the 4 years I’ve been with them they have prepared for me for my marathons and help me stay fit and strong throughout my entire pregnancy and postpartum! Thank you for making me strong Get Active!
Sarah, Marathon Working Mom

“GetActive has helped me accomplish many things as well as improving my strength, balance and stamina. It helped me achieve my dreams by passing an all-rounder scholarship fitness test in fencing as I am a fencer! I owe it to Get Active fitness trainer, Juan. Would 10/10 recommend!”
Lauren Tang, Gold Medalist for Federal Territory Amateur Fencing Association Closed Competition 2017 Under 12

My trainer has been instrumental in getting me back to my favourite activity – running, within a month! I had suffered for a year from recurring back injury and thought my running days were behind me. Every PT session is focused and highly effective, helping gain back strength, flexibility and an active lifestyle!
Kim, Corporate Executive

I was once immobile till I found Get Active! Training with my coach taught me not only to try different ways to get active n get moving but I’ve gained confidence in every stride..slow but steady!
Mei, Business Professional

Bonnie and Clyde, Thelma and Louise. All great partners have a singular goal. And our goal is precisely this- To look HOT!
When evil bad carbs and laziness threaten..there’s nothing like looking over and seeing your sidekick helping you fight back. That’s the beauty of partner training at Get Active, to look hot and feel great together!
Gwyn and Maybel, Buddies

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